Ooooohhhh I feel dizzy thinking of the possibilities this much tarpaulin would offer!
We all knew it was going to happen: I picked up a Tammy Wynette double CD for $3 as soon as I left Melbourne and she’ll forever be the sound of the Sacrifice road trip.
I’ve just left the CSIRO Australia Telescope near Wee Waa, where I photographed Peter, who keeps the antennas working and listening to the stars.
I develop in other people’s kitchens, bathrooms, BBQ areas; I develop everywhere I can, because latent images need to be revealed. 1000 thank you to Kerrie Phipps and Lyndon Phipps for their incredible generosity over the last 2 days and for letting me process six films in their kitchen.
Just had a mind opening conversation with Riverbank Frank from Leaderlife in Dubbo would gracefully accepted to take part in my Sacrifice project. Many thanks to Lyndon Phipps and Kerrie Phipps for introducing me to Frank and for taking this behind the scene picture.
Meet the Sacriwagon. Probably the ugliest vehicle I’ve ever driven, but it’s perfect for this project.
I spent Saturday morning taking pictures at the Jerilderie Working Dog Auction. I had to reassure the volunteer at the gate that I wasn’t an animal activist. A very enjoyable and educational visit. Did you know that a trained kelpie can fetch $20000 and can do the work of 2 people or more? I wonder if they can be trained to operate a computer.
I’m now in New South Wales, home of some very large geese.
Jerilderie working dog auction tomorrow. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Last night I got kicked out pretty swiftly from the Puckapunyal army base visitors car park, where I was setting up to photograph Narelle, army hospital clerk and military wife. We relocated to a nearby country lane, which was fine, but not as flat.
I hesitantly developed one film in the BBQ area of the Melbourne AirBnb accomodation where I was staying. The temperature was dropping very quickly outside so I left it at that. The operation was successful though, and both socks and film dried in time for me to pack and hit the road towards my next stop.
Southern Cross Station, Melbourne, this morning. Jeremy, a complete stranger, was waiting for his girlfriend and didn’t seem put off by my request to photograph him. The police was checking us out from afar, so packing the gear was pretty swift.
The location for yesterday’s Sacrifice shoot with Hadi was the stunning Jawbone Marine Sanctuary in Williamstown. Believe it or not, the tarpaulin went up and stayed up, despite very strong winds.
I set up my tarpaulin in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia yesterday to photograph Vivian Malo and Robbie Thorpe. They are radio DJs on 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne, Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne (ISJA Melbourne) activists, pillars of the local community and incredibly generous and beautiful people. Now I need to process the films.
With the project now under way, costs are adding up. The generous support from Gladstone Regional Council through the Regional Arts Development Fund and from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland’s Individual Fund has allowed the work for Sacrifice to begin but some funds are still required. Please click on “support SACRIFICE” to see how you may be able to help.
If you are wondering what the portraits for Sacrifice might actually look like, here is a sample from a photo shoot with Jamie Tattersall, Gladstone resident and ex-serviceman. 
Discover or rediscover the magic of black and white film in all its glory with our film photography workshops on 13th and 14th February. Booking essential. Please follow the link:
Read all about it: Sacrifice: a portrait project by William Debois is in the Observer today.
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New batch of film has arrived from A mix of Kodak Tri-X, discontinued and much missed Agfa Vista, and Bergger Pancro 400, my emulsion of choice for Sacrifice.
Please consider buying one of the perks available through my Indiegogo campaign to support this project
A large part of Sacrifice’s visual language comes from the backdrop I will be using for the portraits. I knew that a waxed canvas tarpaulin would give me the right look and texture but finding one was harder than I thought. Finally, this arrived. This ominous looking parcel holds precisely what I was after.
#sacrifice #black&white #shootfilm #vintageindustrial
SACRIFICE could not happen without the financial support from Gladstone Regional Council and the Queensland Government through the Regional Arts Development Funds and Arts Queensland's Individual Fund.
This said, grants never cover 100% of projects costs and I have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise the finances needed to make SACRIFICE a success. There. are some pretty cool perks available in exchange for donation, so please please please consider contributing:
Over the next few weeks, as I prepare for the actual photographic work involved in SACRIFICE, I will share some insight into the elements that make it unique. 
Since the project will be shot on film, I had to carefully research the type of black & white emulsion that would produce the look and feel I want for those portraits. I think I found a match in the Bergger official Panchro 400. You can read all about this distinguished company and their delightful products here:
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